Limitless Dance Company is a non-profit organization. 

Please donate below to help those with disabilities learn to dance


Dance Company


Register for Fall

Cost is $10.00 

Tuesday, August 1 - 1:30-5:30

Saturday, August 26 10:00-2:00

Fall/Spring Program-

"This new program is near and dear to my heart and  I can't wait to see so many girls and boys dreams come true by learning the art of dance. Limitless Dance Company is essential in our community and will offer so may children with disabilities a wonderful opportunity."

​Torrie Ward

Our Future-

Call: 330-758-8083

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Call NOW!  330-758-8083

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Tickets for Benefit Dinner on

Saturday, September 16, 2017  @  5:00-9:00pm


(330)-758-8083    or     (330)-881-3257


Summer Classes

July 3 – 25
Monday 4:00PM-4:45PM – Dance Ages 3-12
*Tuesday 4:00PM-4:45PM – Dance Ages 13 and up (class will start July 11)

Torrie’s Academy of Dance, LLC

5918 Market St. Boardman, Ohio 44512 (330) 758-8083 or (330) 881-3257

Little Dancers with BIG Dreams

Torrie's Academy of Dance 

Limitless Dance Company 

Limitless is a NEW dance company that offers an opportunity for children and adults with disabilities, to learn the art of dance! 

  • ​The summer program is for ages 3-adult
  • Fall/Spring program is for ages 3 -adult 

Our goal is to offer a safe dance environment with classes and performance opportunities for all children with disabilities.  These dancers will be able to express themselves in a creative manner thru dance, music and movement. We will also promote social interaction, building self-esteem and physical fitness.

"I believe giving every child the opportunity to dance and express themselves is amazing. Bringing together music and movement is a great way to enrich children, especially those who have special needs, by opening up a whole new level of therapy that is fun! I think that it's a blessing that Torrie and Paul are so willing to take the time and include these children with the rest of the Torrie's Academy of Dance family."

​Gretchen McGarry

Our Goal-


 • Integrate self-expression with dance and music thru creative movement

• Social opportunities to build positive relationships with fellow dancers

• Build self-esteem

• Physical fitness

• Improve gross motor skills

• Increase attention span

• Learn relaxation exercises

• Increase creativity

• Improve emotional awareness 

The collaboration between Torrie Ward, owner and director of Torrie’s Academy of Dance, has over 34 years dance experience with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New York University in Dance Performance along with Paul Miletta, choreographer, has a Bachelor of Sicence in Education/Special Education with Multi-Developmentally Handicapped degree from Youngstown State University, and has 25 years of dance experience, have come together to form Limitless Dance Company. 

​​Paper Work-

​Please download and fill out registration paperwork  below and bring it with you to your 1st dance class. You may also mail it to:

Limitless Dance Company

​5918 Market St. 

Boardman, Ohio 44512

Our team has a lot of wonderful concepts and ideas for the future of the Limitless Dance Company and some of them include-

  • Have a dance studio built especially for all of our special needs dancers and their needs. 
  • The studio will eventually not only teach children but have adult classes as well. 
  • Have classes specifically for those in a wheelchair or walker with choreography especially for them. 
  • Form a competition/performance team for Limitless Dance Company and have the dancers attend the same dance competitions as the Torrie's Academy of Dance competition team. 
  • Have the dancers perform at different functions and charities.