Parents will stay in the audience- on Thursday and Friday nights please enjoy the show!! 

We will have helpers to keep an eye on the dancers and help change them. Keep in mind that they are NOT babysitters, they are helpers please be kind and respectful to them.

I have included both .pdf and .docx files there are only 4 forms here 

Little Dancers with BIG Dreams

Torrie's Academy of Dance 

Limitless Dance Company 

Here's all your Dance Recital information!!

Recital is Friday, June 7th, 2019


Trinity Fellowship Church/ Oakland Kids First Initiative Theater

(these are both at the same place)

:4749 South Ave, Youngstown, OH 44512

Hair and makeup for picture day and recital 

Makeup suggested-

  • liquid foundation to match skin color
  • Powder to match skin color
  • Blush - red worn very heavy on the skin
  • brown and cream eyeshadow 
  • black eyeliner - line both top and bottom lid
  • black mascara
  • false eyelashes (suggested for performance but not mandatory)
  • Lip color - Red  Lipstick (Revlon Colorstay is the BEST)

Hair for 2019 Picture Day and Recital, current and up to date

This will be easy this year! 

All Ballet Classes- 

will have a high bun

All Other Classes- 

will have high ponytail can be curly or straight (whatever is easier)

​Suggestion: Get a hair piece to match your dancers hair from Sallys or Hair Depot to put over a bun.

This makes life a lot easier. Just make sure to bobbie pin it into the bun very good!